Sees The Day Testimonials
Parents, Program Guests & Children

“Sees the Day was an absolute success.  My children loved it.  I heard many 
wonderful comments from other kids and moms as well.  Hats off to you for making
 it such a human and heartfelt experience and for really creating a sense of 
community for the kids.  I’m just really impressed.” 

Caprice Haverty

"I cannot say enough positive things about Sees the Day. Sees the Day was 
my son's favorite, and my favorite camp because its compact size means the 
group can move fluidly from one activity to the next and the teachings 
shared all week focus on nature, kindness, respect and appreciation. Thank 
goodness there are people like Kirk Cooper in our world who have the 
motivation and energy to create programs for our children like this. The 
payoff of this program lasts far beyond when the summer ends."

Guy Ashley

“It’s a really great program and it makes you stop and think with a different 
perspective about nature and ways of life.”   

Jared Warren and Tej Ambrose, age 11

“I wanted to give belated thanks for inviting me to your summer program. 
It was truly one of my favorite storytelling exchanges.  I loved the Q and A 
time with the children.  I can see how you encourage them to be critical 
thinkers.  I have so much respect and truly understand the value in the 
work you do.  It is so important.”  

Muriel Johnson, Sees the Day guest storyteller. 

“What a fantastic loving experience Emily had with you last week.  Thank 
you for the intentionality, integrity and teaching you shared.
We look forward to reading some of the books!”

Miran Choi Lieberman

“What I like about Sees the Day is that we are outside and there are lots of 
organized activities.  I think my favorite part is the earthworks.  We also get 
free time and special guests who talk to us about what they do and they also 
teach us how to care for the earth and respect our surroundings.”

Nicole Allen, age 13

“Sees the Day is a wonderful camp! The kids are out of doors and on the 
move consistently, hiking and swimming in Tilden Park. But it's more than 
just that. The camp really builds a sense of community and values. Kirk 
Cooper, the camp director, has many years of experience with children 
(during the school year, he runs Prospect Sierra's after school program) and 
he is great will all kinds of kids. My own children are definitely of the hard 
to manage variety, but they will follow Kirk anywhere!”

Ann Danforth

“My daughter is loving the small group dynamic and positive 
communication. This is a great active camp (hiking, swimming, etc.) with a 
more enlightened and positive approach. Life lessons for kids.Try a positive camp 
experience in a non-crowded not supervised by ill trained teens for a change!”

Michelle Allen

“Abraham had a great time with you over the summer. The Sees the Day 
camp experience gave him a fresh perspective on community, new levels of 
respect for the environment, awareness of gratitude and the value of being 
"present", and consciousness of the role of feelings in our lives.  I feel very 
fortunate to have found your program; I feel it was a big step up from some 
of the other summer activities we've tried in the past.”

Christina Torok

“Sohrob has been enjoying the camp very much.  Thanks for all your 
thoughtfulness and the work you put into the program to make the kids 
understand what it means to be better citizens.”

Siamak Khojasteh

“I think maybe this is the best day of my life.” 
Kathryn Klein, age 6

“Thanks so much for the kind and supportive words, Kirk!  My visit with 
you all was a treat -- what a gift to be outdoors with such bright, creative, 
visionary, spirited and fun people.  Your camp is lovely.”

Elisa Kleven, Children’s book author 

“My kids have tried many camps in Berkeley, and Sees the Day is
definitely the best day camp program around. Kirk Cooper, the director 
(who also runs the AfterSchool program at Prospect Sierra Elementary 
School) keeps Sees the Day really small and personal so the campers can 
move easily from one activity to another, and so every child's voice can be
heard in the daily discussions and adventures amid the quiet redwoods of 
Tilden Regional park and oak-shaded paths of La Loma park. I wish I could 
give my kids the free-to-explore nature on your own summertime experience 
I had growing up in Minnesota in the 1970s, but due to the reality of 
fulltime work and urban Berkeley, that's just not possible. Thank goodness Sees 
the Day is just as good, if not better.”

Danielle Cass

Thank you for letting me come to your wonderful program.  This is the best 
camp I’ve been to this whole summer.  Also, thank you for teaching us great 
stuff, and taking us on paths that we can show to others to get to their 
destination.  Thanks for so many great surprises!

Harry Reinisch, age 9

I've been meaning to write to you for over a week now and 
am just getting to it.  As I mentioned, Danny had a wonderful time with you and 
your clan in Sees the Day this summer.  I really value you and the program you have 
created.  From stringing the beaded necklaces to discovering and naming 
banana slugs, from swimming in Lake Anza to "accidentally" falling into the 
water, from playing at La Loma to earthworks in redwoods, each and 
everyday was a wonderful adventure!  You have exposed my children to 
nature in a way that has increased their appreciation of nature and 
reinforced the message of doing the right thing.  While Tony has grown 
towards more sports camps, you were able to connect with and influence 
him when he was younger.  When Danny would tell about his day at camp 
with you, Tony would smile and say "oh yeah, I remember how much fun 
that was."

Gloria Schliesser

“Thank you so much for letting the girls come and offering us the 
scholarship and payment option, they absolutely LOVED every minute of it.  
Kaia and I were out doing something one day and I got frustrated and she 
showed me some yoga poses to try and help me de-stress!   Ella talks about all 
of it and can't wait to go back next year. Your program is really and truly 
one of a kind and something that is lacking in our society today.  The fact 
that they get to just "be" and enjoy themselves and learn about community 
in the process of life is invaluable.”

Kier Fullmer