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“Kirk, thanks so much. Sophia always comes away from Sees the Day 
energized and reflecting on all the amazing ideas and activities that you 
design for the kids. Saturday Sophia wanted to take us on the hike around 
Lake Anza that you guys went on several times. She proudly showed us her 
earthworks and was singing Sees the Day songs and reflecting on the big 
ideas that were a part of her experience. Stephanie and I are huge believers 
in what you are doing with the camp.”

Todd Elkin

“It’s a nature camp.  All of the counselors and kids are really respectful. We 
get a lot of experiences out in nature that other nature camps don’t.”

Michael Arbor, age 11

“I think my mom would really like this camp.  How much will it cost for my 
mom to come to Sees the Day?”

Daniel Halpern, age 8

“When I grow up I want to be an earth guy!  I want to collect things in 
nature and make stuff with them.”

Tyler Kim-Hayes, age 8

“You should get an award for creating this program.” 
Laura Mason P.H. D.

Ciaran has once again told me that Sees the Day is his favorite camp!   After 
his last session he quietly sat in the back yard for 20 minutes observing 
nature and then came in and told me about everything he observed. You are 
a wonderful influence. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer.

Dyan Whyte

Kirk Cooper is the camp counselor that your kids love, the dad that you 
wish you could be, and the guy who you go camping with who always has a 
story to fit every circumstances.  His camp takes advantage of hidden 
treasures within Berkeley's Tilden Park, other East Bay Parks and the 
University of California to engage the kids in hiking adventures, nature 
study, projects, and lots of stories and games. If you read the brochure, it 
can sound a little touchy feely, but believe us, look beyond the buzz words, 
this is a very special camp.  Kirk has a way with kids that has them 
energized and hanging on his every word.  That being said, he keeps a very 
tight ship and places very high value on respect and safety.  The crafts are 
meaningful (our boy loves his necklace and won't take it off), they try to 
swim twice a week weather permitting, and there is excellent supervisory 
coverage of at least two adults and a number of Counselors in Training 
(CITs) that keep order and the kids attention.    Kirk, for the record, is a 
professional. He used to teach PE and currently runs the highly popular 
afterschool program at Prospect Sierra School.   We highly recommend this

Steven Paik, parent and founder of Kiddie Koncierge, 

This summer (2010), our daughter spent a total of six weeks with Kirk at 
Sees the Day. Every Friday, I heard how THIS week was the best so far. They 
ran around the woods in Tilden, swam in the Lake Anza, played games, 
listened to various scientists down at Cal, and generally had the kind 
of summer days that I always wanted growing up. Kirk also works really 
hard with our precious snowflakes (Ha...my words, not his) on developing 
their interpersonal skills, as well as showing them in a loving manner that 
all actions have consequences. I would recommend this camp to anyone, and 
am open to answering any questions you might have. 

Julie Mann 

I can't tell you how much we appreciate Sees the Day. It is just what Robert 
needs right now in so many ways. From playing in the woods and coming 
home with rocks and feathers, to the beginnings of friendship with kids 
who will be a part of his life for the next few years, to the wise guidance 
you offer. Thank you so much.

Carolyn West

This is the second year my son attended ''Sees the Day'' camp, and he enjoyed 
it tremendously both times. Kirk Cooper, the very energetic, very 
thoughtful camp director, took the kids on walks around Lake Anza, 
showed them how to build gnome homes in the redwood grove, but also 
took them to the UC Berkeley campus to show them an MRI in action. On the 
last day of camp, this week's mystery guest played a didgeridoo. Kirk's 
message focuses on respect (for each other, for the environment), 
thoughtfulness, and community. We will definitely go back to this camp, 
and we heartily recommend it to anyone who wants a break from the usual 
rah-rah of camp fare.

Corina Jump

My kids have been going to Sees the Day for several years now and it is really 
a jewel of a camp. This is a small camp, which is great for kids who like a 
more intimate feel, and it is also a camp that provides a meaningful 
experience for kids as well as great fun. Kirk takes them on magnificent 
field trips and inspires in children curiosity, compassion, consideration, and 
respect. The children end the day with a gratitude circle, and my son comes 
home talking about what he appreciates and/or about how important it is 
to live in the present, or many plastic bottles people use in the United States 
in a single day. In other words, the kids are both having fun and taking in 
meaningful lessons. I really think it is an unusual camp experience and in 
our material-media driven world it is nice to have these wholesome values 
hanging around while our kids our hanging out. 

Gina Hassan, Ph.D.

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the terrific week that Mimi had 
at camp with you. Mimi is a notoriously bad reporter of her day "Stuff, I 
can't remember," but I know from what she is talking and thinking about 
that this week has been a transformative experience for her. She has opened 
up her thinking and she is talking about the earth, and nature, and how she 
is part of it. She is clearly thinking about the future and the possibilities it 
holds for her. Just this week she has, really for the first time, has started 
talking about what she wants to do when she grows up. So, I just wanted to 
say that in helping Mimi open herself up to the world this way,  I think you 
have given her a powerful gift , and Jose and I are very appreciative.

Julie Goldsmith

We put our daughter in "Sees the Day" camp this summer.  
The individual who runs the camp also runs the After School program at our daughter's 
school - his name is Kirk Cooper and we like/trust him and he was so 
enthusiastic about the camp that we thought we'd give it a try.
We are very glad we did because our daughter had a BALL. The kids are 
outside in a few different parks (Tilden, Glendale La Loma, etc.) all day and 
the groups of kids attending rotate a bit all summer long and our daughter 
found instant and fun friends to play with the different weeks she attended 
-sometimes different friends within the same week! The kids are exposed to 
swimming, plain old summer style running around and tree climbing fun, 
songs and stories from a variety of cultures, jewelry making, sculpture with 
nature objects, etc, etc. In addition, Kirk has a weekly speaker come in and they are 
truly fabulous - a 'futurist', a kids author, a CAL scientist, etc.  Kirk's young counselors are 
terrific as well. Kirk is so passionate about the whole 'classroom without 
walls' concept that his enthusiasm is contagious. Kirk encourages the kids 
to consider the inter-connectedness of nature to our daily actions as well as 
the relationship of body / mind / spirit in ways that are fun and fresh.
On something of a side note, we are lesbian parents and Kirk is entirely 
respectful and our daughter has never dealt with any pejorative issues 
surrounding her same sex parentage in any of Kirk's programs.  His 
approach is highly inclusive. In closing, we'd strongly recommend "Sees the 
Day" camp to all parents as a happy, fun, exciting, and knowledge-based 
camp experience.

Katie McGonigal