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Director Kirk Cooper brings joy, wonder, enthusiasm, and a unique combination of talents to his leadership responsibilities of Sees the Day Summer Program. Kirk has 30+ years experience working with children in a variety of educational settings as an administrator, art teacher, P.E. teacher and enrichment class provider. Kirk is currently the Extended Program Director for Prospect Sierra, a K-8 independent school located in El Cerrito, CA.  Kirk is a passionate surfer, snowboarder and soccer player. He is also the proud parent of of two young adults, one a recent grad of UCLA, and another that attends Stanford University!



Sees the Day Summer Program, A Classroom without Walls, was founded on a simple, guiding principle: to teach kids about our shared community and humanity in an outdoor, natural setting.

The original goal was to create a program that moved beyond traditional summer offerings and instead provided children with weeklong teachings in generosity and altruism. After teaching art and physical education in both public and independent schools, I made a conscious decision to direct my energies toward the revolution occurring in the social sciences, specifically in the field of positive psychology. My challenge was to figure out how I could teach children about feelings like gratitude and kindness. An additional challenge was to introduce them to more advanced concepts like mindfulness, empathy and compassion. I repeatedly asked myself, how do I show children what it means to have a good heart? How do I help young children develop a genuine love and respect for each other? I challenged myself to teach children to be sensitive toward the welfare of others and to develop a belief in the importance of doing good.