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A Classroom Without Walls

Sees the Day is a value based learning program for children ages 6-11 years old. Sees the Day is committed to instilling in children a respect and appreciation for each other and the natural world. Building connections, individual character, and personal awareness through theme based activities and ethical dialogues will be the primary focus of each weekly session. 


One element that makes Sees the Day so rewarding is the intimacy and compact size of our program!  Guest Educators and performers, storytelling, ecoliteracy, nature awareness, indigenous Ohlone history, fairy houses, fort building, imaginative play, lake hikes, beading, community service, gratitude circles, self esteem games, theater and improvisation, music, and laughter filled summer time fun will round out a dynamic experience for all!  


Educators know that something remarkable happens when children venture outdoors. When they have opportunities to engage in outdoor education, children develop an understanding of their environment and often become its champions and stewards. They discover that being in the outdoors opens up a whole new world that extends far beyond the “media ecosystem” they find indoors.  Most importantly, they take delight in simple moments of observation and wonder.  It is those moments that rekindle their connection with the natural world.


Director Kirk Cooper brings joy, wonder, enthusiasm, and a unique combination of talents to his leadership responsibilities of Sees the Day Summer Program. Kirk has 30+ years experience working with children in a variety of educational settings as an administrator, art teacher, P.E. teacher and enrichment class provider. Kirk formally worked for Prospect Sierra School for 20+ years as the Extended Program Director. He is an artist, surfer, snowboarder, and mountain biker. He is also the proud parent of of two young adults!

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