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A Classroom Without Walls


From Parents, Guests & Children

“Kirk… Wanted to thank you SO MUCH for another beautiful camp experience filled with sweetness, learning, peaceful play, and lots of love. You really create magic! Thank you for everything!” 

Melinda Kramer, Parent

We tried Sees the Day last summer and our six year old daughter loved it. She doesn't want to attend any other camp! The mix of spending the day outside in a beautiful part of Tilden Park with both free and structured time, and Kirk's eco-literate, socially-emotionally oriented program works wonderfully for our kid. Six months into the school year she's still quoting Kirk and some of the perspectives and tools he imparted. I think the camp provides a welcome counter-balance to the school year and offers a relaxed, safe environment for all kinds of growth and learning. We'll be sending our daughter to Sees the Day for many summers to come.

Victoria Schlesinger, Parent

I think maybe this is the best day of my life.

Kathryn Klein, age 6

Sees the Day has been the highlight of my kids' summers for five years. Its strength lies in its small size, outdoor setting, and amazing leadership. Kirk Cooper is a warm, thoughtful, super responsible educator, whose vision for the camp comes through in the programming. Sees the Day strikes the perfect balance between structured activities and time to freely build, play, and explore in nature. My kids come home dirty, tired, happy, and full of stories. Kirk has a real gift for appreciating each child for their own strengths and helping them build on those strengths. I can't recommend Sees the Day highly enough.

Lyssa Rome, Parent

Coming to your camp is always a treasured experience for me! What you have created is sacred. You are planting seeds in the hearts and minds of all of these children and that will grow more conscious, compassionate and powerful change makers as they move into adulthood. I have so much respect for the work you do. It’s so important.

Muriel Johnson, Guest Storyteller

I attended Sees the Day Camp from about 2010-2015. I’m 17 now and applying to college. Writing my essays has made me realize how much of an impact Sees the Day had on me.  I remember being taught about mindfulness, humans’ impact on nature, and the importance of expressing gratitude and being kind. I think about all of those values on a near daily basis, and they’re an integral part of who I am today. I just wanted to thank you for teaching young children such wonderful and valuable skills that they’ll hopefully, (like me) carry with them for their whole lives.

Amelia Bond, Camper

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