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Employment Opportunities

I am currently searching for a creative, responsible, and energetic Co-Director to work with me this summer at Sees the Day Summer Program. 


Co-Directors are expected to enthusiastically assist with camp management each day, co-lead camp programming, and engage with the campers to ensure our time in Tilden Park is safe, joyful, and emotionally enriching.  Co-Directors are also expected to model the Sees the Day ethos and camp philosophy: which is to instill in youth an appreciation for each other, their local community, and the natural world.


Specific daily responsibilities include overseeing sign-in and sign-out procedures, managing a small group of teenage lead and junior counselors, helping to facilitate cooperative games, team building exercises and daily transitions, negotiating conflict resolution, supporting our weekly guest educators, ensuring campers are consistently monitored, and assisting with the opening and closing of each program day.


Previous work experience and qualifications include excellent communication skills, supervision of children in a school or camp setting, excellent multi-tasking skills, attention to detail, flexibility, proactivity, humor, playfulness, and an ability to remain calm in stressful situations. 


In addition, candidates should have a team player mindset, an understanding and commitment to diversity, some education in psychology, child/adolescent development, environmental science, and/or related course of study, and a keen interest in helping to produce and encourage a dynamic peaceful, kind, and emotionally safe outdoor learning environment.


2024 session dates are June 10-August 23. Prospective candidates may apply to work for a portion of these dates, or all.  


Candidates can learn more about the mission of Sees the Day Summer Program by perusing each tab on the website.


Candidates can reach out to me directly at (510) 917-5573 or email at to schedule an interview, discuss training timelines, and rates of pay!


I’m so glad that I was able to Co-Direct with you at camp. You really have created such a beautiful program, and I feel like the incredibly kind appreciations I got from the kids today are such a testament to the teachings you present, and the open space you’ve created. Thank you for everything, and I hope the rest of the summer goes well!

~Summer 2024 Co-Director, Carley Graham

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